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Food Safety Virtual Conference

11:00 AM – 11:05 AM

Welcome Remarks
General Session
Jason Brill
Speaker Jason Brill Editor QA Magazine View Bio

11:05 AM – 12:05 PM

Data Digitization and Sharing
General Session
The pandemic showed us why having data that lives digitally can be an advantage. This session from Yves Rey, a consultant to food companies such as Danone, will cover how and why this can be an advantage, advice on how to do it, and why the entire industry can benefit and be safer by sharing certain data.
Yves Rey
Speaker Yves Rey Independent Senior Advisor Former Danone Corporate General Manager and GFSI Chairman View Bio

12:05 PM – 12:20 PM

The ABCs of Allergen Test Kits: What's the difference between LFD, PCR, and ELISA testing?
General Session
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Manufacturers and test labs can choose from a wide variety of test formats when working with gluten and allergens. What are the strengths and weaknesses of popular allergen test methods, and how can you tell which is right for your needs?
Emily Kaufman
Speaker Emily Kaufman President Emport LLC View Bio

12:20 PM – 01:00 PM

Managing During a Crisis
General Session
This session from Neil Marshall, the former Coca-Cola global director of quality and food safety and current managing partner of Guv Consulting International, will cover how managing a crisis during the pandemic has changed, what has the pandemic taught us about managing a crisis and how can companies respond to cyber-security crises, since that’s so top of mind for many at the moment.
Neil Marshall
Speaker Neil Marshall Managing Director Guv Consulting International LLC View Bio

01:00 PM – 01:15 PM

Food Safety Testing Management
General Session
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If you are in charge of the analytical testing for your company, do you know what you need to know? We will discuss some important key factors that you need to know about to manage your food safety testing properly.
Fabien Robert
Speaker Fabien Robert Sr. Director Zone AMS NQAC Nestle Quality Assurance Center Dublin View Bio
Amy Bethel
Speaker Amy Bethel Sr. Marketing Specialist Nestlé Quality Assurance Center - Dublin View Bio

01:15 PM – 02:15 PM

Getting Better with Employee Hygiene
General Session
In this session, Bruce Ferree, an independent trainer/consultant with Eurofins Laboratories, covers what the pandemic taught us about the importance of hygiene. How has it given us a reason to refocus on employee hygiene? What have we learned that can push us forward? How can you get better?
Bruce Ferree
Speaker Bruce Ferree Industry Consultant View Bio

02:15 PM – 03:15 PM

Communicating with Consumers
General Session
Whether it’s on social or regular media, how food companies communicate with consumers needs to be nuanced, especially as direct-to-consumer and delivery have increased. This session from Dr. Darin Detwiler, author, food safety advocate, and professor of food policy at Northeastern University, will look at how the art and tools of communicating food safety issues with consumers has changed. How can you do it right? How can you do it wrong?
Dr. Darin Detwiler
Speaker Dr. Darin Detwiler Associate Professor Northeastern University's College of Professional Studies View Bio

03:15 PM – 03:30 PM

Closing Comments
General Session